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Sights of Saulkrasti

Latvian bicycle museum
Saulkrasti Bicycle Museum is the only collection of old bicycles in Latvia. The home of bicycles! The development of the collection started in 1977. It contains the most technically interesting samples from the history of bicycle development found in Latvia.
The largest collection of bicycle insignia in eastern Europe is displayed here. It contains more than 800 items of insignia from all over the world.

Munchausen museum
The Munchausen museum is one of the most visited ones in Latvia.  There are only two Munchausen museums in the world – one in Bodenwerden, Germany, and the other in the Liepupe Parish of Dunte. In the exposition, you can see materials about the life of Munchausen in Dunte, household items of the 18th century, as well as an exhibition of wax figures featuring prominent personalities from Latvian history.

The White Dune
The White Dune is the area of sandstone covered with sand at the outlet of the Inčupe River where the river drains into the Baltic Sea. The sandstone layer was formed 405–350 million years ago. From the top of the 18 m high White Dune you can enjoy a beautiful view to the sea. For the convenience of visitors, a sightseeing platform has been built on the top of the dune, as well as a forest trail stretching along the seashore.

Active rest center
Active rest center in Mare offers windsurfing, kite surfing for beginners and advanced yachtsmen.

Camping Juras Priede
Paintball, sauna, horseriding, boats for rent, hydroplans flighting.

Riga– 40 km

Jurmala– 65 km

Sigulda– 50 km
Sigulda is one of the most popular tourist sightseeing place in Latvia (Sigulda medieval palace, Turaide reserve –museum, National park Gauja) as well as the place for active rest for everyone (paintball, minigolf, horse riding, balloon flights, aerodium, bobsledding, banjo jumping..)
Skiing track Zagarkalns – 60 km
Skiing and rope tracks Kakiskalns - 50 km
Aerodium - 45 km
Balloon flighting– 50 km

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